Lev idag 

This sweet, sweet, 22 year old girl is our student and classmate, Autumn Lynn. Last week, she was diagnosed with Influenza A, but returned to school this past Monday. On Tuesday she left early not feeling well. By 11:00 pm that evening she was being lifeflighted to Sioux Falls and suffered a massive stroke causing complete occlusion of her brain stem. Our class rushed to her bedside, we joined hands and prayed over her, but the prognosis was grim. For 2 days now we have been continually praying for a miracle. A miracle that would bring Autumn back to her 16 month old baby girl Madison, and family and friends who loved her.

You see in the past 2 years Autumn had found her calling. After previously unsuccessful attempts at college, this girl fell in love with surgical technology. She was the first one there in the mornings; her determination and excitement, palpable. Between book work and clinical, she made the Deans list, and had been accepted to complete her summer practicum at Sanford in Sioux Falls, hoping they would hire her on after graduation this July. She wanted to live and work near where her baby’s doctors were, where they had saved her after being born prematurely at just 1 pound. Autumn managed a job, family, and a baby who required special care in stride, without ever so much a complaint. Autumn worked so hard this year because she wanted a better life for her, her boyfriend and daughter, and because ultimately, she wanted to help people.

Today, our miracle took on a new direction, Autumn took that love and desire to help people to another level. Autumn’s family honored her wish to be an organ donor. As I’m writing this Autumn is in the process of helping people she does not know, and that she will never meet. Giving them the gift of life while hers is taken. This is happening in the very hospital that Autumn dreamed of working in.

We are all so unbelievably heartbroken. To know Autumn was to love her. I cannot explain how incredibly proud I have been and still am of Autumn. Nor can I explain what a void she will leave in our classroom.

Please Rest In Peace, sweet Autumn Lynn, Though your life ended far too soon, your gift of helping others will live on forever. We will be establishing a new Surgical Technology Scholarship in your name so that someone else with your will and determination can find their calling as well.

Friends, please keep Autumn’s baby girl, family and friends in your prayers. May they find strength and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Jag älskar mitt jobb, säger det om och om igen. Det finns människor som är så osjälviska och donerar sina organ till främlingar. Då kvittar det om jag är helt slut idag efter en 17 timmars arbetsdag. Idag är det fyra personer som vaknar upp på intensiven med en ny chans här i livet och allt pågrund av en persons osjälviska beslut.

Så idag tycker jag att vi alla ska vara tacksamma för våra nära och kära. En kram, en stund tillsammans, lägg undan mobilen och ha en konversation, ha ögonkontakt, eftersom en dag så skulle du önska att du hade just gjort allt detta


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